Understanding Minimum Odds Requirements When Selecting a Bonus

Some sportsbooks put restrictions on. For example, some sportsbooks will not count stakes placed at odds under +150 towards your rollover.

Obviously, in this circumstance, you are still free to wager on any chances you desire, the bets will just not count towards the requirements you must meet to draw your bonus.

If you are still getting the hang of sport gambling, we’d recommend betting using a bonus which doesn’t have some chances limitations. That way, as you’re learning the principles of sports betting, you won’t be restricted in what occasions you can bet on.

Conversely, if you are feeling confident on your gambling prowess, chances restrictions shouldn’t be as large of a concern. You could examine the odds restrictions on your bonus as a challenge, and possibly use it as an chance to test out some new strategies.

Being Aware of Any Time Restrictions on Your Sports Betting Bonus
Some sportsbooks put time restrictions in your own bonus.

For instance, some online sportsbooks say that you cannot draw your bonus funds until 30 days after your bonus was redeemed, while others state that your bonus will expire after 90 days. But, it is important to say that the majority of sportsbooks don’t have any time constraints at all!

Time restrictions in your bonus should be factored in which bonus you pick constantly, regardless if you’re a professional bettor or completely green.

If you would like to keep your bonus funds on your sportsbook without alerting them for an extended period of time, use a bonus with no time restriction. The last thing you want is to get your bonus funds disappear just because of an arbitrary time limit put on your funds.

On a similar note, if you’re looking to clear your rollover requirements in a hurry and then withdraw, don’t select a bonus which has a waiting period assigned to it.

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