Pep Guardiola silent on Bernardo Silva charge – Manchester City reporter notebook

Pep Guardiola refused to answer questions on Bernardo Silvas FA bill on Friday – Sky Sports News reporter Ben Ransom looks at the row which will not go away…
No comment anymore.
When asked about if he had been frustrated that Bernardo Silva using misconduct had billed, it was a change of tack from Pep Guardiola.
Silva is currently confronting punishments in which he likened a picture of a Benjamin Mendy to a cartoon that vary by a education programme up to a ban if hes found guilty of discrimination for a tweet.
Its a problem that will not go out as easily for Manchester City, although the offending tweet may have existed Silvas Twitter feed 45 minutes before being deleted.
From the auditorium the talk one of the assembled press pack was after another week of column inches dedicated to the topic, about the continuing issue.
Up until today Guardiola was robust in his defence, describing Silva as aunique person and that it would be a mistake for the FA to punish him just a joke.
This time used the stage to stand by his own player and the City manager faced questions. He pointed out the close bond between Silva and Mendy, in addition to giving his view the tweet did not make reference Mendys skin colour, and that he believes the 2 images arequite similar.
But on Friday, maybe in the knowledge that the FA are also monitoring his comments, shop was closed up.
Silva has until October 9 to respond, with a proposal that he will ask a personal hearing to echo the material of a letter he has written to the FA. In that letter he expressed his sorrow at inducing any offence that was unintentional.
Kick it Out, the entire body that tackles discrimination in British football, has been very clear on this problem. They headed calls for the FA to take retrospective action – pointing expressly into the stereotypes included in the cartoon.
Their statement said:We are shocked that somebody who is a role model to millions has failed to understand the discriminatory nature of his article.
They get back on Sunday, Manchester City might find themselves eight points behind Liverpool in the peak of the Premier League.
All their focus needs to be about making sure they dont fall any further behind and keep up the pressure.
But until the FA decide the fate of Silva , as far as theyd love to move on, it is.

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